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今年的7月真可谓是多事之秋。今早,全球知名的漫画(本子)资源网站Ex绅士(exhentai)又传出了即将删除loli tag内容并在6个月内关站的消息,一时间在各大圈子里引发了强烈反响。

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而在删tag和关站方面也是搞得云里雾里,从几小时内删除loli tag内容,6个月内关站到12小时内关闭里站ex,6个月内关闭表站eh等等。


但总的来说,目前基本看不到什么准确消息,也有人质疑至今公布的大部分消息基本都来自Maximum Joe一人(此人似乎是该站管理员之一)。


不过相对比较可靠的,大概就是官方Wiki上给出的“建议备份”的公告了:“Please note that the site is ending its development. Please backup all desired content,thank you.”“请注意,网站的进展正在终止。请备份所有你想留下的内容,谢谢”


不得不说的是,未成年人相关的H内容无论在哪个国家都非常敏感,此次删除loli tag内容的事件也被视为是迟早的事。同时Ex绅士上的内容除了H问题还经常会涉及版权问题,对于许多作者来说或许也是可喜可贺?








I have been considering retirement from this site for some time due to a persistent tendon injury that makes it impossible to spend any extended time in front of a computer. This is why the last galleries update took over a year to complete, and why there's been no other updates to the rest of the site for almost two years. Still, the site has been operating normally even though I've only been able to put in the bare minimum work to keep it running, mostly thanks to you guys.

Unfortunately, today we received a notice about recent legislative changes in the Netherlands, confirmed by our host, that now makes loli illegal there. While it may have been possible to move the necessary servers to some other country that still allows it (possibly Switzerland), at this time it's probably a game of whack-a-mole, so even if I wanted to attempt it, the aforementioned tendon injury makes it impossible for me to play that game.

Which brings us to the regrettable conclusion. In less than twelve hours, the panda is being put down, and it won't be back. At least temporarily, I will also be turning off new account signups and adding some posting limitations to accounts that haven't previously posted anything.

I'm not really all that interested in running a neutered site that classifies drawings as legal or illegal based on bust size, so while EH itself will continue operating for at least six months and probably out 2020, it is likely that no more development will take place and that I will retire in 6-18 months - especially considering the tendon injury and inevitable rioting that will take place.

Which of course begs the question of whether you guys want to try to get a successor going, or if you just want to leave it to the existing copycat sites. You'd need a new domain and new infrastructure to run it, but I'd obviously hook you up with access to the source code, a redacted copy of the galleries database, as well as the source image files. Let me know, and I'll do a bit of a write-up on what you'd need. Regardless of whether this happens or not, if I do retire, I will try to arrange to have some sort of read-only archive of the site maintained indefinitely.

This might seem somewhat ironic considering the events in Kyoto seven days ago, but I always considered EH to be like a venerable old building in that it could only ever end in one of two ways - either it would get torn down when everyone had moved on the new shiny building across the street, or it would suddenly catch fire and burn down with everyone still inside. Personally, I was really hoping for the former.










Ex绅士已确认关闭 R.I.P.

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